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keyword These custom GPTs take ChatGPT and artificial intelligence to a totally new level. Custom GPTs are expert ChatGPTs prompts that have been engineered and crafted for you. And, they are FREE to use.

To use a custom GPT, you need a ChatGPT Pro ($20/month) or higher account from OpenAI/ChatGPT.

Once you're logged into your ChatGPT Pro account, click on any of the links below and they will take you to a new chat thread in ChatGPT with the custom GPT already to go.

With a single click (and a ChatGPT Pro account) you've amplified the power of artificial intelligence to achieve, solve, research and produce in ways never possible just a few short months ago.

Some custom GPTs may need more info from you or for you to upload something like an image or CSV file.

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Fun GPTs

A.I. Daily Horoscope, Numbers & Biorhythms for You
Free Crystal Ball Readings from Mystic AI Oracle
Free Tarot Card Readings from the Mystic AI Oracle

Graphic GPTs

Free Coloring Pages for Adults and Kids

Letter Writing GPTs

Academic Reference Letter Writer Free GPT
Acceptance of Resignation Letter - Free Custom GPT
Employee Resignation Letter - Custom GPT Prompt
Employment Confirmation Letter - Custom GPT Prompt
Employment Offer Letter - Free Custom GPT Prompt
Have A.I. write your formal job offer letter. It's fast, easy and effective.
Eviction Letter Writer - Free Custom GPT Prompt
Free Custom GPT Prompt
Hold Harmless Agreement - Free Custom GPT Prompt
Lease Termination Letter - Free Custom GPT Prompt
Love Letter Writer - Free Custom GPT Prompt
NHS letters of recommendation Custom GPT Prompt
Letter of Appeal Free Custom GPT Prompt
Letter of Appreciation for Good Work GPT Prompt
Letter Of Intent - Free Custom GPT Prompt
Letter RFP - Request for Proposal
Letter Rogatory - Free Custom GPT Prompt
Letters of Administration Free - Custom GPT Prompt
Letters of Testamentary - Free Custom GPT Prompt
Proof of Employment Letter: Free Custom GPT Prompt
Parent Consent Letter - Free Custom GPT Prompt
Recommendation Letter for a Scholarship AI Writer
Salary Increase Letter - Free Custom GPT Prompt
Simple Job Application Letter - Free Custom GPT
Thank You for Your Contribution and Support Writer
Demand Letter For Payment Free Custom GPT Prompt
Contract Termination Letter Free Custom GPT Prompt
Character Letter for Court Free Custom GPT Prompt
2 Week Notice Letter Free Custom AI GPT
WPATH Letters - Free Custom GPT Prompt

Calculator and Estimation GPTs

Aspect Ratio Calculator Powered by A.I.
Asphalt Calculator Powered by A.I.
Board Foot BDFT Calculator Powered by A.I.
Block Calculator Powered by A.I.
BMR Calculator Powered by A.I.
Brick Calculator Powered by A.I.
Calculator Plus Tax Powered by A.I.
Calculator HVAC Powered by A.I.
Calculator for CD Interest - Powered by A.I.
Calculate Dwelling Coverage - Powered by A.I.
Citizenship Calculator Powered by A.I.
Credit Card Repayment Calculator Powered by A.I.
CVSS Calculator Powered by A.I.
Dog Weight Calculator Powered by A.I.
Ductulator Tool Powered by A.I.
Elasticity of Demand Calculator Powered by A.I.
FD Fixed Deposit Rate Calculator Powered by A.I.
FBA Calculator - Powered by A.I.
Freight Class Calculator Powered by A.I.
FVA Calculator Powered by A.I.
FMV Calculator Powered by A.I.
Gross Margin Calculator Powered by A.I.
HELOC Payment Calculator Powered by A.I.
Home Equity Loan Calculator Powered by A.I.
Hourly Paycheck Calculator Powered by A.I.
IVF Due Date Calculator Powered by A.I.
LDL Calculator Powered by A.I.
LL97 Calculator Powered by A.I.
Maternity Leave Calculator Powered by A.I.
MPG (Miles Per Gallon) Calculator Powered by A.I.
Navy Body Fat Calculator Powered by A.I.
NFCU Calculator Powered by A.I.
Overtime Calculator Powered by A.I.
PV (Present Value) Calculator - Powered by A.I.
PPM Calculator Powered by A.I.
PTO (Paid Time Off) Calculator - Powered by A.I.
QLAC Calculator Powered by A.I.
Refinance Calculator Powered by A.I.
Rafter Calculator Powered by A.I.
RD Calculator Powered by A.I.
Roofing Calculator Powered by A.I.
Salary Increase Calculator - Powered by A.I.
Stock Average Calculator - Powered by A.I.
Surface Area Calculator - Powered by A.I.
TSP Calculator Powered by A.I.
VAT Calculator Powered by A.I.
VO2 Max Calculator Powered by A.I.
Wattage Calculator - Powered by A.I.
WFS Calculator Powered by A.I.
Zakat Calculator Powered by A.I.

Custom Checklist GPTs

Checklist for Vacation Rental Management
Checklist Wedding Reception
Onboarding Checklist For New Hires
Checklist Address Change
SAT Checklist
Checklist When Moving Into A New Apartment
Checklist Emergency Kit
Checklist: SEO
Checklist For Newborn
Checklist When Moving Out Of State
Checklist for Cleaning House
Checklist New Puppy
Checklist Birthday Party
Checklist: Due Diligence
Vacation Beach Checklist
Checklist When Selling Your Home
To Do Checklist Template (Free)
Checklist Building Inspection
Checklist Creation Online Checklist Maker
Checklist When Buying A Home
Checklist Appraisal
Checklist When Opening A Restaurant
Checklist for Estate Planning
Checklist When Planning A Wedding
Checklist When Buying Used Car
Checklist ADHD
Checklist Autism
Checklist for Vacation Packing
Checklist Gemba Walk
Checklist When Planning An Event
Checklist for Passports
Checklist: Home Inspection
Section 508 Compliance Checklist

Custom Idea Generator GPTs

Brainstorm Patio Ideas
Brainstorm Ideas for a Slogan
Brainstorm Eyeshadow Ideas For Brown Eyes
Ideas for Logo Designs
Dye Ideas For Blonde Hair Brainstormer
Brainstorm Ideas for T-Shirts
Ideas for Date Night
Brainstorm Ideas for Garden Landscaping
Brainstorm Ideas To Decorate Your Living Room
CV Ideas For Students Brainstormer
Brainstorm Ideas for Nicknames
Brainstorm Award Ideas For Students
Customized Invention Ideas
Pyrography Ideas For Beginners
Ideas for a Wedding Dress
Ideas For What To Draw Brainstormer
Brainstorm Ideas for Kitchen Cabinets
LLC Ideas Names Brainstormer
Brainstorm Ideas: Gifts For a Friend
Xeriscape Ideas for Front Yard Brainstormer
Brainstorm Ideas For Birthday Celebrations
Lunch Ideas For Work
Ideas About Entrepreneurship Brainstormer
Brainstorm Outdoor BBQ Ideas
Ideas for an Open House
Brainstorm How To Sell An Idea
Brainstorm Ideas for Apps
Ideas for a Kitchen Island
Brainstorm Ideas for a Small Bathroom
Brainstorm Ideas for Advertising
Brainstorm Science Expo Ideas
Icebreaker Ideas For Students
B Plan Ideas Brainstormer
Brainstorm Ideas for a Swimming Pool
Lyric Ideas For Songwriters Brainstormer
Brainstorm Ideas for a Nursery
Custom Ideas for Activities
Ideas for Science Projects Generator
Ideas for a Closet
Brainstorm Ideas for Curtains
Brainstorm Ideas to Earn Money From Home
Brainstorm Ideas for Careers
Brainstorm Ideas for Fundraising
Customized Ideas for Birthday Decorations
Yard Ideas For Dogs Brainstormer

World Languages to English Translation GPTs

Translate Sindhi to English
Translate Tatar to English
Translate Lithuanian to English
Translate Bosnian to English
Translate Cantonese (Yue) to English
Translate Vietnamese to English
Translate Estonian to English
Translate Marathi to English
Translate Min Nan to English
Translate Bosnian to English
Translate Thai to English
Translate Georgian to English
Translate Sinhala to English
Translate Uzbek to English
Translate Gujarati to English
Translate Slovene to English
Translate Chhattisgarhi to English
Translate Pashto to English
Translate French to English
Translate Armenian to English
Translate Turkish to English
Translate Javanese to English
Translate Haryanvi to English
Translate Arabic to English
Translate Indonesian to English
Translate Konkani to English
Translate Hindi to English
Translate Kazakh to English
Translate Mongolian to English
Translate Mandarin Chinese to English
Translate German to English
Translate Basque to English
Translate Oriya to English
Translate Slovak to English
Translate Galician to English
Translate Ukrainian to English
Translate Danish to English
Translate Wu to English
Translate Punjabi to English
Translate Japanese to English
Translate Hungarian to English
Translate Awadhi to English
Translate Swahili to English
Translate Montenegrin to English
Translate Swedish to English
Translate Azerbaijani to English
Translate Slovenian to English
Translate Bashkir to English
Translate Faroese to English
Translate Urdu to English
Translate Kashmiri to English
Translate Mandarin to English
Translate Bengali to English
Translate Persian (Farsi) to English
Translate Bulgarian to English
Translate Dutch to English
Translate Tajik to English
Translate Finnish to English
Translate Macedonian to English
Translate Irish to English
Translate Czech to English
Translate Croatian to English
Translate Sanskrit to English
Translate Telugu to English
Translate Korean to English
Translate Greek to English
Translate Maltese to English
Translate Moldovan to English
Translate Italian to English
Translate Bhojpuri to English
Translate Maithili to English
Translate Serbian to English
Translate Norwegian to English
Translate Belarusian to English
Translate Dogri to English
Translate Portuguese to English
Translate Kyrgyz to English
Translate Malay to English
Translate Chinese to English
Translate Nepali to English
Translate Santali to English
Translate Turkmen to English
Translate Romanian to English
Translate Russian to English
Translate Polish to English
Translate Marwari to English
Translate Rajasthani to English
Translate Catalan to English
Translate Welsh to English
Translate Latvian to English
Translate Tamil to English
Translate Kannada to English
Translate Brazilian Portuguese to English
Translate Albanian to English
Translate Spanish to English

English to World Languages Conversion GPTs

Convert English to Albanian
Convert English to Arabic
Convert English to Armenian
Convert English to Awadhi
Convert English to Azerbaijani
Convert English to Bashkir
Convert English to Basque
Convert English to Belarusian
Convert English to Bengali
Convert English to Bosnian
Convert English to Brazilian Portuguese
Convert English to Bulgarian
Convert English to Cantonese
Convert English to Catalan
Convert English to Chhattisgarhi
Convert English to Chinese
Convert English to Croatian
Convert English to Danish
Convert English to Dogri
Convert English to Dutch
Convert English to English
Convert English to Estonian
Convert English to Faroese
Convert English to Finnish
Convert English to French
Convert English to Galician
Convert English to Georgian
Convert English to German
Convert English to Greek
Convert English to Gujarati
Convert English to Haryanvi
Convert English to Hindi
Convert English to Hungarian
Convert English to Indonesian
Convert English to Irish
Convert English to Italian
Convert English to Japanese
Convert English to Javanese
Convert English to Kannada
Convert English to Kashmiri
Convert English to Kazakh
Convert English to Korean
Convert English to Kyrgyz
Convert English to Latvian
Convert English to Lithuanian
Convert English to Macedonian
Convert English to Maithili
Convert English to Malay
Convert English to Maltese
Convert English to Mandarin
Convert English to Mandarin Chinese
Convert English to Marathi
Convert English to Marwari
Convert English to Min Nan
Convert English to Moldovan
Convert English to Mongolian
Convert English to Montenegrin
Convert English to Nepali
Convert English to Norwegian
Convert English to Oriya
Convert English to Pashto
Convert English to Pashto
Convert English to Persian
Convert English to Polish
Convert English to Portuguese
Convert English to Punjabi
Convert English to Romanian
Convert English to Russian
Convert English to Sanskrit
Convert English to Santali
Convert English to Serbian
Convert English to Sindhi
Convert English to Sinhala
Convert English to Slovak
Convert English to Slovene
Convert English to Spanish
Convert English to Swahili
Convert English to Swedish
Convert English to Tajik
Convert English to Tamil
Convert English to Tatar
Convert English to Telugu
Convert English to Thai
Convert English to Turkish
Convert English to Turkmen
Convert English to Turkmen
Convert English to Ukrainian
Convert English to Urdu
Convert English to Uzbek
Convert English to Vietnamese
Convert English to Wu





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